AIS-Munich membership application forms

Discord Server Membership

The AIS-Munich's discord server is a platform for student club members to communicate, ask questions, organize projects, get information, advertise events, and more.

Please fill out the form and send a document proving your affiliation to Bavarian Higher Education Institute to to access our discord server.

You can check out the English and Farsi instructions to make the best out of the server.

Please note that the server is currently under constant modification and change. However, you can still join the server and help us improve the environment.

Why should I become an AIS-MUNICH member?

One needs to consider many aspects before sending a membership application. This aspect can be summarized in the following keywords

  • Group work

  • Social impact

  • Debates and group discussions

  • Helping other students

  • Iranian language and culture

  • Cultural Exchange and Integration

  • Organization work

Please consider applying for the membership if you view the above keywords favorably (actively).